Sunday, November 18, 2012

Will you marry me?

          I forgot to share what we found on the beach at Meigans...
Some prince built a castle for a girl...
He had something special to ask!
I sure hope she said 
We traveled to Orlando with about 36 couples
from our club here and stayed at the  Grand Cypress Resort~
Our villa was really nice~
The weather was not!
What a change from beautiful Bonita Springs~
It was windy and cold on Friday when 
we golfed The New Course~
a Jack Nicholas golf course designed to be like 
The OLD COURSE in Scottland.
Our partners where Mike and Donna~
We had so much fun golfing with them!
We played as teams of two~
the game was Best Ball.
Look who was my partner...
Do you think we used my ball?
Really now!
I will say on one hole I had a 5 and got two strokes for a 3
What does Dave get?
He gets a 3 
and of course I teased him that we used his 3 instead of mine!
It was a lot of fun anyway!

I had to take a picture of this big ole tree on the way back to our 
It was so pretty covered in ivy!

there is a new singer in the family!
Take a listen~
see what's missing!

                                              MY FAIR LADY!