Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Games people play...

I left Dave in Florida. He was having his buddies come down for some golf and good old guy time... good times where they play golf and other fun games!! You saw the games the girls played while we were down there. Games like shopping, sunning, working out together, FARKLE, and movies! Well, just check out the new game the guys are playing this year. This is their idea of a fun time... (Of course, alcohol is involved)

Dave calls him Arnold. He has a complete set of clubs and mini golf balls. The handle has a finger trigger to make little Arnold swing the club!!

Dave had this "game" as a child. He found it at a garage sale way back when. This time he found it at the IX center at the Golf Expo! It comes with a green, sand traps and water hazards! Ha! Instead of playing by the directions of the game, I "bet" they have taped a cup to the sliding doors and are having chipping contests to see who can get the most balls in the cup! For money, no doubt.

Hope Dave comes home a winner!