Friday, April 20, 2012

Naps, power hour, movies, squirt gun fights and even a boat cruise...

Life in Florida is EXHAUSTING!
Just ask Sarah... 
here she is napping on two bean bag chairs in the corner...
her very own "resting spot"!
Molly did what her Mommy and Katie Bacha did so 
many years ago...
She napped in one of the closets in the master

Dave and I witnessed a 
Too funny!

Crazy kids!
Kelley and Layla pose for a picture before dinner!
Mya and Layla
These two will be good friends
all their lives!
We watched movies together before bedtime!
Roxi joined us a couple of times!
All cozy!
Must have been a serious film!!
Someone didn't make it all the way to the end!
There was rollerblading and biking!

Squirt gun fights...
Get Uncle Danny!
Then Danny would tease the kids and
stand in front of patio porch so
they could not squirt him!!
"Meme said ~Don't get the furniture wet!"
"Can't get me here"
So fun to play with water!

There was painting too!
Dave rented this pontoon and they took
our picture as we left the dock...
Cayden loved driving the boat with Papa!
The day was overcast and a little windy 
but we all had a good time!
What's up Dan?
I threw that hat in the trash, by the way~
Mya looking lovely against the blue sky!
Layla and Meme chilling together!

Sarah hanging with Aunt Doodie and Mya~

I see something~
We did see dolphins frolicking in the water!
Layla gets her sea legs and walks all around the boat!

Cayden the pirate!
Sun bathers...

Molly drives too!
Handsome devil!

Dan and Molly 
doing their circus act!

We stopped at Flippers for lunch!

I left the house this am and made it to Yemassee, South Carolina,
where we may or may not have...
Jumped on the bed!

Good night from Sarah and Meme!