Monday, August 2, 2010

Splash Zone~

Beckie found a fun, fun place to splash and play near her new home! It's called Splash Zone. Beckie took the girls one day last week and Sarah could not wait to show me and Aunt Doodie this great place to play!
Molly loves it too! She practiced and practiced putting her head under the water. Every now and then she would panic and say she didn't want to "SLIP"!! I kept telling her all she would have to do is STAND UP!! See...
Silly goose ... the water came to her waist!

She did great then... she swam under water back and forth between Beckie and I! It was really so fun for her!

Cayden was in HEAVEN! He loves to walk on his own in water.
He tried swimming too!
and he LOVED it!
Bridget is looking so beautiful as she nears her due date with Mya... 4 weeks away! Aunt BB loves to play with Cayden in the water!
Cayden loved walking under the fountains too!
Oh... and the slides...
So much fun!
Splash.... Buckets of water all on your head!
It's the kind of place where you are only there about 2 hours and EVERYONE is worn out and ready for a long nap!

Thanks Sarah and Molly.... you found a really fun place to go!! Meme wants to go again someday!