Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday...Beach and my littlest gem finally gets here!

Wednesday morning, Beckie, the girls and I head to the beach! Molly loves the sand ... not the water! While building sand castles, she will dart to the waters edge to fill her bucket and rush back...all before the waves can hit her!
She is a girl on a mission!
Busy, busy, busy!
She loves to make "drip castles" with her meme!
Sarah joined in on the fun too!
It is not easy to build a beautiful castle, all while singing Shrek's~ There's a princess, in a tower. Oh my gosh, that's just like me!
Molly in her sweet mary jane water shoes!
Beckie talks her into going out into the gulf! Molly holds on for dear life!
Beckie keeps encouraging her... while Sarah, who has no fear, still works on the castle!
"Poor Rapunzel, needs a haircut, but the witch won't set her free!"
Soon, with Mommy holding her hands and her sister cheering her on, Molly braves standing in the water!
She is so proud...
and can't wait to tell me how she did!
Great job Molly Carolyn!
Sarah... the little fish!
We left the beach and returned home. Once there, Dave called and said Tegan's flight was delayed leaving Grand Junction, which made them late into Dallas for their connecting flight. They were getting into Miami at 4 and the next flight to Fort Myers was not until 8:30 p.m. Dave suggested driving to Miami, which is two hours away! Well, I jumped in the car~ it was about 2:15 and I drove to Miami! What a crazy place that is!! I texted Tegan's phone and told him I would be there close to when they land! They were excited not to have to sit at the airport for hours since they had left the house at 4:15 am!! We made it home be 7!

Aunt BB was so happy to meet Layla Lynn~
Isn't she the sweetest little gem?
Uncle Tegan got right into the pool with Layla! Sarah and Molly love their Uncle Tegan~ and they really were so excited to meet Miss Laylabug! Notice Sarah's arm around her Uncle Tegan!
Sarah has missed Uncle Tegan since he moved to Colorado!
See...? Kelley and Layla enjoy the pool too!

On Thursday, Sarah got a new friend... PRETTY, the whale. She spent the afternoon training him just like our friend Kristen, who trains the whales at Sea World in Orlando!
We have had two fun days with the Colorado Lesjaks! More pictures tomorrow!