Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Remembering Gertie...

Every year, since I had my GEMS, we bake cookies together and call it COOKIE DAY! I think of my beloved, late mother in law, Gertie. Gertie baked Christmas cookies with my children every year. It was a day they all looked so forward to~ they loved spending time with their Grammie!

Now it's my turn to bake with my GEMS! I know a certain someone smiled down from heaven today~
Sarah, Molly and Cayden roll their dough!
I helped with lifting the cookie to the cookie sheet!
Aren't they adorable?

Molly loves to scoop and shape her dough to roll it out again!

Beckie tried to roll Sarah into a dough ball!
Sarah thought that was so silly!

Cayden takes a break for lunch! Bridget loves watching her boy have a good time!

We bake our cookies for 8 minutes! And we let them cool down!

Molly and Cayden start decorating the cookies! We use "green, red, white and blue" Cayden knows most of his colors!

Look at the concentration!

Only a few "LICKS" ~ here and there!

Just look at our masterpieces!
Sarah, Molly and Cayden sure made some beautiful cookies! Yum!
Only 4 days till Christmas!

I am hoping yours is as colorful as ours!