Sunday, October 20, 2013

Big News...

Have you heard?
Did you read the local papers?

My Meme is coming to my preschool to do some 
Funny picture in the paper... you can't even see my Meme!

Ha!  I had a GREAT time doing Music In Motion for 
Mya's preschool~  They all were so excited to learn some
fun songs with Miss Diana!  
The best part was seeing some familiar little faces like
Gwen, Colin and Avery!

It was fun to see Mya in action too!
Tea party time with her friends Bella and Colin!

"This is my seat Meme!"

While Cyle and Bridget celebrated this...
Their 6th wedding anniversary~
They took a week off to be "alone"~
or as Cayden liked to say~
"On a date"

I got to spend a week with Cayden  and Mya!
I drove those country roads like no body's business~

Back and forth from Mya's school to Cayden's school!
Mya and I spent quality time together while waiting for Cayden
to be done at school!
Singing.... You belong to me and doing trumpet sounds with her lips!
Funny girl!

She is a friendly little one~
hollering to Cayden's bus driver Becky!

She steps right up to say Hello to the office staff inside the school!

Mya pointed out something very exciting~
she found a certain little face she loves!
It is her big brother Cayden!
Congats big guy~ you rock!

On October 13th 1979
I married this man.
He has helped me to realize every dream I ever had,
one was to be a MOM.
We have been married 34 years and while it
has not always been easy, we both have made it work!
Today I love him more than ever~
He is the best Husband, Father, and Papa
there is...
and he is pretty darn good looking... isn't he?

Happy Anniversary Dave
Happy Anniversary to John and our angel Gert
Happy Anniversary Bri and Cyle
October 13th
has been a great day for all of us!