Sunday, March 18, 2012

For Roxi...

I was traveling in the car with Sarah Rose in the back seat.
We were talking about our up coming Florida trip.
The conversation went like this...

Meme:  Sarah, Roxi is so excited to see you!

Sarah:  Will Roxi be in Florida when we are there?

Meme:  Yes, remember Roxi lives there now.  She lives there all winter and in 
the summer she lives at camp... remember camp?  In Pa?

Sarah:  Yes, I remember camp!  So Roxi really migrates, just without the flying!

Oh be still my heart
This girl is really smart!!

Kisses to our favorite Roxi!
See you soon!

In other news...
Grayer is 9 months already!
Roxi is one lucky grandma!
How adorable is he?
I am loving hearing the excitement in Roxi's voice when she
talks about her grandsons, Levi and Grayer!
Lucky little boys!