Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hollywood and Vine...

Our last meal with "Characters"!  Hollywood and Vine... also known as Hollywood & DINE!
Doc McStuffins gets the party started with some dancing!  
She gets them all wound up!

My little Minnie~

Table visits to sign autograph books!

Handy Manny~

Cayden was so EXCITED!



Fun while we wait for a ride!

Army guys from Toy Story...
Strike a Pose!

Mike and Sully~

They were so much fun!

Lightening McQueen and Mater!

Cayden took a great picture of Mommy!

We sang along at the FROZEN show!
We knew all the words... who doesn't???

Mya picked a friend to take home!

Cayden got a little buddy too!

We had so much fun at Disney~
One big highlight was the Murphy Bed in the cabin!
Papa took them up...

and down
over and over again!

We spent another afternoon at the pool, where it rained for a bit
but that was ok~
the kids just moved under the pavilion for a Match Game!

Mya also joined in the poolside games the counselors had 
set up to play!  What a girl!

This guy won some prizes!

Our last night was spent at Fort Wilderness~

I forgot to share that the kids did find a pet..
this little froggy!

Fort Wilderness was the best place to stay!  We loved the golf carts and all
the campfire activities!  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cinderella's CASTLE!

We headed up to the Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse!
I remember taking this photo 2 years ago...
Sweet Memories!

Peek a Boo... I see you Mya!

Great kids~ holding gates for adults!


Mya was in the lead!

We had dinner reservations at the CASTLE!

Cinderella greeted Mya!

Cayden got in on the action too!

He is my Knight~
Townsend Cayden

Mya found hers too!

The inside of the CASTLE is beautiful!

We were lead to a window table which was fabulous when the fireworks began 
right outside our window!!

Delicious dinner~
really good desserts!
Time was ticking...
Then it was announced that 
was here to meet everyone!

Trumpets sounded...
Cayden had a way with her~
she had eyes just for him!

Princess Mya loved Aurora too!

More fanfare and...
appeared and she was pretty taken with 
Cayden too!

DA DA....

UMM... Cayden had her hooked too!
There was just something about that

Mya really liked her a lot!

See our window on the left...
What a fun time it was in the CASTLE!

What a day~
Mark Sternspinner and Princess Mya 
were really tired!
We took the children home and
Dave, Cyle and Bri hit the Boardwalk for 
a fun adult night out!

As for me,
a pirate and a princess 
kept me company as we watched a