Sunday, August 4, 2013


The hot days of summer...
We spent them together in the pool!
Tending little ones in the water~
Sarah teaching Mya to kick~kick~kick!

Molly watches and get ready to run and jump!

The weather was so hot that we had to live in the pool~
Temps in the 90's the entire week family was here.
Thank goodness for the pool!
These kids would swim all day long if we let them!

Little fish sliding through the water...
I did manage to get them out long enough to take some pictures!
I cannot believe how big my gems are getting...

Look here everyone....
My girls are darling...
My boy is just adorable!

Mya and Layla really loved each other!

Cayden wanted in on the hugging action too!
What a love!

I did have to bribe them to smile big...
Twin baby dolls and bottles did the trick!

Kiddie Park tomorrow!