Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sarah Walton... Perfect Form

Sarah caught in the act of jumping.  I posted the series below, but it was small and I wanted to let you see her form!  The pointed toes, arms outstretched, eyes down, ready to land.  This child likes to do things the right way.  She will check her surroundings and be sure everything is in its place.  

Here is a journal entry... something I hope never to forget!  I have tried to install a love of music into her.  She will listen to stories of plays and then want to hear the cd over and over again.  Case in point, WICKED.  She became Glenda and promptly named her sister Elphaba. We have watched musicals over and over again.  She learns words and sings aloud.  Easter brings The Sound Of Music.  Sarah knows the story and listens for her favorite song... Ohdalady oh... from the puppet show.  While watching the movie this year,  Sarah looked up at me and asked  "What were you like when you were a little girl Meme?  Did you watch this movie too?"  " Yes", I told her,  "many, many times, just like you.  I was just like you when I was little."  This brought a smile to her face and to mine.  We also watched Marley and Me.  While Beckie, Bridget and I sobbed (oh that sad ending), Sarah sat next to me, snuggling,  not quite understanding what was happening to Marley.  She looked at me, put her hand on my face and said "Are you crying Meme?  I am sorry you are sad right now". 

 I love this girl more than words can say, more than she may ever know, and more and more every day.