Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hats off to Epcot!

Our mornings always start off easy and slow...
We never rush to get to the parks!
The Waltons come across the street to Meme and Papa's cabin for breakfast
when they get up!
Donny and Sarah play a game after breakfast, Papa does some
work on the computer and Molly practices her violin!

She is practicing every day for her big recital 
at Christmas time!

Papa has chosen to stay home again today and lay flat,
resting his back.  He will miss EPCOT~
Molly will miss HIM!
We all will!
Morning pictures!

Once at Epcot, we travel THE SEAS with NEMO
Here's BRUCE!
Sarah enjoys the trivia games!
Molly likes to scope things out!
Even Donny made a friend!

Molly and Mommy waiting to see
Turtle Talk with Crush!
Sarah and Molly thought it was hilarious! 

Something fishy about this photo!
How about this one...
this waterfall is going up instead of down!
The girls were so excited to take part in Disney Phineas
and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure!
They were asked to be Secret Agents to help save
the world!
They decided on a team name...
Team S
They were given a F.O.N.E.
and told to answer it when it rang to find
out clues to solving a series of challenges as we traveled 
the world!
We set off for Mexico!
Sarah takes the first clue!

We follow the girls as they solve clue after clue!
We meet a talking parrot... 

and a talking skeleton!
Sarah is a great secret agent, even helping 
her little sister solve some clues!
We finish our mission and turn in our device and Beckie, Sarah, and I
head to Mission SPACE!
Molly is too little so she and her Daddy head to the training lab
for some fun!
We meet up in the lab after our mission and Molly shows Sarah
some really fun climbing spots!
We get to hear the Jaminators jamming to drums on the street!
Everyone gets stickers for keeping the beat with them!
We ride in Spaceship EARTH.  I ride with Sarah, who is
so fascinated with the history lesson on this ride!
We have fun making up our own future at the end!
Then we play more games at Innoventions!
Sarah and Molly find little Bambi!
We have also been trading PINS at all the parks!
On the first day Sarah spotted the girl pin in this collection.
She has worked hard finding staff members who might have
one that goes with it!!  She is told they are car decals pins!
She collects six of them!
She was told today that it was a great collection to have
since only park members have these pins to trade~ you cannot 
purchase any of them!  
She is on the look out for the DOG~
She hopes to find him tomorrow at 
Hollywood Studies Park!
Meanwhile Molly has enjoyed trying on Mickey Ears
at the stores!
Oh gosh... 
which is best?
Uncle Tegan... Remember this HAT?

I have found a sure fire way to stop the 
"Can I get this one" question!
Just let Molly hold each one for a photo!
She was  so happy to have a chance to hold them and have her picture taken
that she happily put them back after each picture!  It was a great distraction!

Big News...
Phineas and Ferb will be signing autographs tomorrow
at Hollywood Studios!
Sarah is so excited!

Little Mermaids today!

Our morning here at Disney started off rough... for Dave.
He had hurt his back a few weeks ago and has been 
nursing it but something really gave out this morning
and we were forced to call 911 for help to Celebration 
Hospital.  His back was having such awful spasms that he
was unable to move.  We spent the morning in the ER together
while the Waltons girls played like mermaids at the pool!

They were happily skipping their way to a day of fun
in the water!

Happy girls!

The pool has a fun slide that Sarah enjoyed~
Molly liked to play in the children's pool!
Kadie, the kids activities director at the pool, called for friends
to come do some relay games!
The Waltons were in...
Beckie and Molly~

Daddy and his girls!
Mommy and both her girls!
Kadie starts the fun off with a running relay!
The girls cheer each other on!
Frisbee toss was next!
Sarah is really loving all the fun activities around
Fort Wilderness!  She loves to be outdoors running and
"Get it Molly!"

Kadie takes a family photo for them!
Lunch time around the pool!
Kadie calls everyone for a BIG game of Jenga!

Hoola Hoops AGAIN!

Molly is even getting good at this now!

Time for a wet t shirt swimming relay!
Sarah is all in...
Molly ... not so much!

Dave was given a shot of muscle relaxers and pain medication
at the hospital and a prescription for both to take at home.
We were back by 1 o'clock.  Dave spent the day at
the cabin, laying flat, resting his back.
I went to the pool to meet up with the gang.
Molly and I watched the fun relay races together!
Sarah was doing this ... every chance she got.
She told her Mom,
"I know if I got a Hoola-hoop, I would pretty much use
it all the time!"
We agreed!
A game of Hot Potato with water balloons was next!

If the music stopped and you were left holding the balloon
this is what happened...
So fun!
Mommy and Molly ready for a swimming lesson... 
Who's feet do you think those are?
Silly Sarah!

Sarah and Mommy doing laps together!
More sliding for Sarah~
And Beckie too!

Back stroke time!
Now just some fun in the water!

Movie time before dinner!
The girls are ready for the 
Hoop-Dee-Do Revue!
Papa is staying home so he can be ready for the 
day tomorrow!
Molly and Papa chatting together!
At the Pioneer Hall, Sarah and Molly have a few more
minutes to practice their skills!
Photo before dinner!

At the dinner show!

So funny!

Molly and Sarah get to play the washboard!

What a fun night!  We were sorry Papa had to miss the
fun!  We have big plans for some fun tomorrow!
See you then!