Monday, February 28, 2011

So many THANK YOU's!

I sent Sarah and Molly a card from Florida. When Sarah got to my house on Saturday night, she made this for me...

The girls showed up wearing their matching little dance outfits and tights! Too cute~
Little Molly is just too precious!

I got the girls little Mister necklaces in Florida. Little keepsakes to remember their little dog, Mister who, sadly, has not been found. Sarah thinks he is in heaven with GG~ isn't that a nice thought!
Molly was just tickled...

Sarah got busy writing her thank you again. This girl is just so smart and thoughtful! I love her kind heart!

Today I was surprised to find a package at my front door! It was from my friend Sheila... my blogging friend who signs all her posts and comments with "Toodles"!!

I was the lucky winner of a little contest on her blog! She sent me some delicious chocolate popcorn, which lasted in this box about 5 minutes before I ate it all!
Sheila also made me this great rice bag... you simply heat it in the microwave for any aches you might have...
THANK YOU~ Sheila! Your package was so very thoughtful! My friends often laugh at me as I talk about my "friends" from my blog because I do talk like I know you personally!! Thanks for always leaving me great comments~ it's so nice to have blogging friends! It's like the old days of Pen Pals, isn't it? I am glad your one of mine!