Sunday, July 18, 2010


Danny turned 3... We showered Celeste... and We had Tyler over for some fun!

Celeste, Meigan's daughter in law, is expecting a ??? in August. I will post pictures soon from that shower!

Cayden enjoyed this playhouse at Danny's...ummm - good birthday idea!
The birthday boy and his friend Colin.
A lady came and did some music for the little ones...
Meme and Molly joined in...
Too breezy for the candles...but Danny wasn't having it--look at his face!! Light the candles Mom!
Ty and Cayden playing with the girls dollhouse!
They were so cute together! Cayden kept trying to run like Ty.
Ty is such a sweet little thing... We loved having him over!
Tomorrow is Townsend Cayden Wilkinson's 2nd birthday... We are going to CELEBRATE that boy!!