Friday, September 23, 2011

Rocky, Rocky~

Mya has discovered the rocking chair at Meme and Papa's house and she LOVES it!

She wants to rock all day long!

And who can resist her sweet little face... Papa can't!!

Mya and Cayden have been here for the past week and we are having so much fun together!!

Meme took Mya shoe shopping, thinking what girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes~ especially her first pair!!
She loved them in the store.
But when she got home, it was quite a different story. Remember her video of how she "crawls" (scoots on her butt)?
Well, she discovered she couldn't "scoot" so well with those darn cute shoes on!
She tried everything to get them off!
"What the heck?"

So much happier without them on!

Molly joined the fun on Friday and she and Cayden went "fishing" together!
They also got busy with the trains!
We have a few more days together then its back to Mommy and Daddy on Sunday! I am sure Bridget and Cyle got a lot of work done in their basement while the kiddos were here!