Thursday, December 8, 2011


Larry is here!!

These two have been busy, busy!  After visiting the Marble Works, we choose tile for the guest shower and bathroom floor.  We choose a "pebble" look for the shower floor.  The guys got straight to work once we picked up the tile the next morning!
Larry laid the tile...

While Dave did all the cutting!

We laughed about choosing a "Feature" for the shower.  Dave wanted something different and Larry suggested a checker board pattern of honed and polished tiles.  Hard to see in this pic but it is just below the window.
Dave got the ceiling and walls painted after golf on Wednesday... We played in the scramble and enjoyed pasta night at the club then the guys got right back to work.  Larry finished the window and Dave painted!  The color is Coastal Fog.  
Here is a shot from the doorway... I will retake closer so you can see the shower floor once the tile is set and has been grouted!
The guys enjoy the hot tub, pool and a cocktail after a hard day at work!

It's good to have friends that enjoy helping with projects!
These two make a good team!

The carpet came today~
Here is one guest room.  The wall color is Silver Screen. 
Bedding from Dillards.
Still working on finishing touches!

The other guest room is painted in Serene Blue.
Bedding from Target.
Grandkids will love this room!

Can't believe it's Thursday already~ Time is flying by here in Florida!

Meme and Papa are looking forward to getting home and finishing some 
super top secret woodshop projects!!