Monday, November 15, 2010

30 Days of Thanks~ #15 Beckie and Donny

My Beckie and her Donny! Married in March of 2005, here they are on their honeymoon... looking all sun kissed and in love!

Beckie is the one closest to Tegan. My oldest and my youngest. Always good to each other. Beckie was, and is, always looking out for her brother Tegan. She would tudor him with his school work, she would always take his side when he was in trouble at home and always was his number one fan! Here she shows just how proud she is of him on his graduation day!

Beckie is a great mom! She shows these girls so much love in everything she does and she has taught them how important it is to laugh and be happy!
These sisters are always happy... well most of the time!!

Here is my son in law ... with his favorite Mother in law! Oh wait... I am his only mother in law! Ha! We do have a special relationship! This picture was taken at Tegan's wedding. I wonder what Beckie was doing in the background?? Call me about this pic Beckie!!

A beautiful little family! The Waltons.

I am THANKFUL that they have given me her...
and her...
I am blessed!

So are they!