Friday, March 19, 2010

My Heart Belongs To David!

I have a wonderful husband. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Fendi. It's my signature fragance, has been for 26 years. I wear it every day. I found out a couple of months ago that Fendi stopped making Fendi Donna. I searched high and low. I hunted, really. I tried to find that one last bottle forgotten on a shelf. No such luck. I would hear "Sorry, someone came in and bought my last 4 yesterday". I have really been bothered by this since I wouldn't know where to begin to try to find something remotely close. I have about an inch and a half left in 2 separate bottles.

Until yesterday.
When a package arrived for Dave.
I was tempted to open it since he never really orders anything.
I didn't.
I waited till he got home and said "Look, you got a package... OPEN IT!!"
And he did. Then he slid it over to me. And I looked inside.
Who knew he was an Ebay shopper. (I tried the same tactics a few months ago with no luck)
This should hold me over until they start producing it again and charging way more a bottle just like Channel did with that No.5!

Dave's mom, who always called him DAVID, bought me this little pin the first year we were married. She found it at a store and thought I might agree!
Gertie was one smart lady!! My Heart Does Indeed Belong To David! Thanks honey!!