Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best Birthday Party EVER!

Beckie and Donny had Sarah's 7th Birthday Party today!

It was held at Dalton Park.
After lunch~
Her friends gathered and played on park equipment for a bit!

Molly fits right in with all Sarah's friends!

They all opened a bag of some pretty yummy things to 
pour into a huge bowl...
Their very own Party Mix.
They each filled a baggie to have with them
when they went into the woods on a Scavenger Hunt!

Teams were made, and lists were handed out.
Things to find include: man made litter, pine cone, something wet, something green,
something red, something round... you get the idea!

And, they were off!
They also had to "sight" some things~ a fallen tree, animal tracks and mushrooms!

Stacey and Beckie share a laugh after the kids had been gone about 20 minutes!
"Ha~ Easiest, Best Birthday Party EVER"

Finally... here comes the first team!
Mason has the something wet... some creek water!
Julia said, "We merged our party mix together to use the baggie"!
Man made liter... Toilet paper!! 


"We used a stick to pick it up", said Mason

No pine cone... We forgot!
Julia finds one!  Yippee!

Here comes team two!
Sydney and Brooklyn have all their items!

Mason spoils Miss Molly!

Team Three comes in!  Sarah and Anna are the first to bring back
a Fallen Tree!!
Something red!
Anna and Sarah make a great team!
But wait... here come Katie and Gracie!
Another Fallen Tree!
Just look at how Gracie is carrying her bag back!  Love her!
Just look at the size of their limb!

Gift time!
Sarah is so good at being polite, reading cards and thanking each friend!

Katie is excited when Sarah gets to her gift!
Lots of goodies!!

Of course a Giraffe from her Meme!
Happy Birthday wishes...

The eye mask in the goody bag was a big big hit!!

One last climb up the hill to roll down before the
party ends...

Molly makes it down first!

So fun!
Who doesn't love a good roll down a hill?

Everyone had a great time ~ kids, parents, and grandparents!