Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Layla... the ladybug!

Tegan and Kelley had the BIG ultrasound today, the one that tells them GIRL OR BOY!

It's a BABY GIRL!!

Layla Lynn Lesjak will be here on or around October 19th! We are thrilled for them! I give each baby an animal...

Sarah's is the Giraffe,

Molly's is the Elephant,

Cayden's is the Monkey,

Mya's is going to be the Mouse, and

Layla's will be the Ladybug!

Just a fun little thing I started when Sarah was born and continued with each of them. It's fun to be able to get them something related to their animal on birthdays or special occasions. They know when I see these certain creatures that I think of just them! It's fun for them to have a "collection" of their special animal or creature! Wonder what they would pick for Meme? Think about it Sarah, Molly and Cayden... then tell me!