Thursday, April 26, 2012

She made us Meme and Papa~

Dave and I got to enjoy quality time with 
We took her to Vanderbilt Beach in Naples
and she found another little friend!

She is such a little doll...
Sarah, not the turtle~

I love her witty sense of humor!

I love her inquisitive nature.

I love her sweet heart,
her caring, sensitive heart.

I love that she values others feelings.

I love the way she says the words

I love the way she misses her sister
when Molly is away from her.

I love that she knows what she wants,
she can make her own decisions!

I love that she stands up for what 
is right when she sees someone
being mean to someone else!

I remember when she was born

The thrill of holding her for the first time

The joy of hearing her call me MEME

She wrote her name in the sand behind her...
The whole world in front of her!

Meme and Sarah

We had dinner together and watched the sunset.

Papa and Sarah

Bell ringers about to ring in the sunset...

Sarah playing the water harp...

She is
music to my heart!