Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Townsend Cayden!

You were born on July 19, 2008. Who knew how you would change our lives~

You were so very special~ You were in good hands having Bridget and Cyle for your Mommy and Daddy!

Your smile thrilled us!

Oh, those cheeks~ so kissable! And that belly laugh~ so contagious!

You were born with a sweet disposition~ not much bothered you and you tolerated so, so much!

So happy all the time!

Those eyes so blue~

You had a FIRST birthday. Meme loved celebrating with you at your lake house!

You were so excited that everyone was there!

No one loves you like Mommy!

Priceless Gem.

That year brought some tough breaks... every time you tried to walk~

But your spirit stayed "Unbreakable"! You said, "I am ONE"

You learned to walk alone right around your SECOND birthday~

What a big boy!

You were pretty pleased with yourself on that big day!

You turned 2 and we had a party at Meme's house!

You laughed so hard, that belly laugh we love so much, when we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You said, "Cayden's two!"

Now you are THREE YEARS OLD. Meme cannot believe this is true~ where has the time gone.

You are my FAVORITE GRANDSON and I wish you the happiest of days today! Mommy says when she asks you what you want for your birthday, you say, "THREE CANDLES!" Have fun making a wish and blowing out your THREE CANDLES today Cayden! Meme and Papa can't wait to celebrate with you! Hugs and Kisses Townsend Cayden~