Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swim like a fish... and Naughty granddaughters!

Sarah... wearing her homemade scuba gear!! She cracks me up! Look how she holds her breath when she puts this on to show me. Funny, Funny girl!
She has been taking swimming lesson at LCC with Maureen, one of the lifeguards.

While Sarah practices... Molly hangs around the edge of the pool. This one is even funnier!! She is wearing a pair of baby sunglasses, thinking they are goggles. She would bend over like this, and BARELY stick her face in the water...
"Did you see me do that Meme?' Oh Yeah... I saw it!!

Molly and Mommy sit and watch Sarah getting ready to jump off the diving board.

What a thrill for Sarah!! Just check out this form!
Sarah had to swim the length of the pool to be able to use the diving board and slide. She did it and was excited to get on the slide. She tried the slide... twice- liking it until being tossed around inside and scared, then refused to go on it again.
Oh my little sun bathing beauties... They love to just soak it all in!

Mya and Layla have been being quite naughty lately. Bridget had contractions last Wednesday... all day. She saw her doctor who told her to lay low till this past Monday-- no work, just rest. No pre term labor please, Mya!

Layla gave us a scare this week. Kelley hadn't been feeling her moving and had her doctor check her and they put her on a heart monitor that showed decelerations in Layla's heart rate. They ordered a stat ultrasound to check amino fluid and to see if the cord was around her neck. Everything turned out ok, thank goodness, the end result being that Kelley was hypoglycemic ... and baby was just feeling the effects of that!! Kelley is only 27 weeks and we need Layla to stay put!!! Silly girls! I will keep you posted!