Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My little man...

I don't know how Santa did it,
but he got this surprise in the house for Christmas morning!

"You better, guys, you better see this..."
"Holy Crap, I got what I wanted!"
Cayden was thrilled!

Cyle has some serious discussions about safety and Cayden
listens when his Daddy talks to him!

He went over all the instructions and told
Cayden he must pay close attention to what he is doing
while riding it!

Any questions?
Just one...
Daddy shows him the answer and then he is ...


Around and around the house he went!

Dad stayed close by with the "Kill Switch" button in his hand!

He is a good little listener ~ and now, just like
his Daddy, he has his very own four wheeler!

My little man is growing up!