Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Oh my.... It's Minnie Mya and Captain Cayden!

They were also Shark Boy and Spider Queen!

Fun at Lakewood Country Club...

Layla as the Hipster Kitty!

Molly, Mason, Julia and Sarah...

Indian, Survivalist, and a couple of Nerds!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Where's my SUITCASE?

I land in Grand Junction and we went directly to furniture store
for this girls BIG GIRL BED.
Then this crazy thing happened on the way home...
Layla, I hear, is still LAUGHING about it!

We buy the bed.
They can't deliver for a few days... BUT, for $20 you can
borrow their pickup truck for 75 minutes!  PERFECT!
I say..."I'll drive it because I don't really want to drive Tegan's stick shift XB!"
Well you needed drivers license and insurance card...I had both
but my insurance card reads Dave's name so it was a no go for me.
Tegan showed his license and insurance~ which meant

Tegan gives me a refresher course where first, second, third and fourth gears
are and I think...
"Ok, I got this"
We take off... slowly.
As we approach the stoplight out of the shopping area, I realize
it's on an incline...
Which FREAKS me right out as the car behind me pulls right up to my bumper.

Kelley knows I'm freaking out cuz I tell her and then the light
turns green and I

I make the tires squeal as I pull away QUICKLY so I don't roll back into
the idiot so close behind me.

"That was great!  I did it!', I laugh!
Kelley looks behind her and says the back hatch is open.

I say...
"Is my suitcase still back there?"

Kelley looks and says.... NO!

Good lord.... we didn't see it, but my suitcase had come flying out at the guy behind us~
who had to stop his car, get out and THROW my suitcase to the curb to get around it!!

I pull over to the curb and tell Kelley there is no way I can turn around and go thru traffic after it 
and I tell her to RUN and get my suitcase.  


I love that Kelley!

Layla and I are straining our necks trying to see around the curved road we took 
(when I drove off) to find her mommy.

Wish I had a camera to snap Kelley as she walked thru a parking lot laughing and pulling
my suitcase!  I swear I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants!

It amazes me to this day that Tegan drives EVERYWHERE with stuff in the back
of his car- with a door that doesn't latch -and NOTHING ever falls out!
Leave it to me.
And my HEAVY suitcase.

Hey Tegan... FIX that latch, ok?

Oh Meme is nuts... isn't she Layla?

 I did make it safely home in that car,
suitcase and all~

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How, I ask you...

How did we go from this...
to this 
so very quickly?


She helped set up her FROZEN PARTY!

It's my PARTY!

She ate a LOT of blue jelly beans...

Layla had fun with her cousin Delilah but missed her cousin Elliot!

Cupcakes... more blue!

Make a wish!


Delilah loved the frosting too!

Uncle Danny and Tegan were fans too!

Time for presents~
Layla took the time to hear mommy read all the cards then she would pass
hugs and say Thank You!~

Grandma Beth and Layla!

Uncle Jeremy gives Layla a beautiful surprise...

A BLUE princess dress

Hugs for Uncle Jeremy!~

Next hug is for Pop`AY!

Then Stephen!

Such excitement~

Dramma wrapped some pretty packages!

Hugs for Dramma!

Can I just put that dress on?

Oh My Goodness!

Princess Layla Bug

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rocky Mountain High!

In Grand Junction...

Layla loves to play with Uncle Danny!
What a guy!

We went to a trampoline place called
and they did!

We played outside a lot!
Weather was beautiful!

We rode up to the monument... 

and took some great pictures!

Somebody save Danny!

Precious Girl~

Just a girl and her POP'AY!

Strike a pose!

Just and girl and her "DAD"!

Awesome views!

Peek A Boo

Layla said...
" It's my momma and papa!"

Just a girl and her Papa!

I kept telling him to stay away form the edge!

Meme and Layla Bug

Love her...

A girl and her Uncle Danny~
"I'm going to be 4!"

My guy!

Kelley Marie

Hiding out!

There is so much more...