Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And now... The REAL story!

My sister Frankie teaches Pilates at Body Pure Pilates
in Columbus.  She put together a Pilates Retreat to Costa Rica for 
an entire week.  
I invited my "posse"!
Some good friends could not make it (Roxi) but these 5 said
Meigan, Laura, Mary Annis, Kathy, and Kathy!
Altogether, there were 29 girls!

I stayed in 406 with Kathy and Kathy~

Right below us...
 Meigan stayed in 404 with Laura and Mary Annis~
The rooms were called TRI LEVELS~ the description said 
the entrance, bath on first level, Beds on second level and sitting
area on third level...
Because there were 3 to a room they put the third bed on third level...

We laughed when we realized their "levels" were literally two steps!!
See the door to the left?  Entrance... bath right there on right~
go down two steps...
Level 2!
2 beds... go down 2 more steps...
Level 3
1 more bed near balcony doors!

Our view from 406!

Frankie was just down the walk in an A Frame with Mary!

Besides all the working out you saw in the video. from my last post,
there was plenty of time for relaxing and having fun!
Hammocks were everywhere...
they were so cozy~ just ask Mary Annis!

Kathy also enjoyed some time "rocking" in the shade!

Kathy found herself a wig in this tree!  Looking good!

Meigan looking very relaxed!  
We all kept commenting that time was standing still~
Costa Rica natives, "Ticos", call this Tico Time!

We spent lots of time around the pool~

Meigan and Bonnie reconnect again for the first time since our
Italy retreat 3 years ago.

Frankie had FITNESS WALKS~
Girls would all meet and walk the grounds doing 
crazy stuff like lunges and squats as the walked!

They would end up here at the outdoor equipment center~
notice... I am not there.

That's because I was HERE...
Hiding in a hammock to take pictures!
That would be Jacquie in the red hammock enjoying her
book and hiding out too!

We all went on a Canopy Tour...a.k.a. ZIP LINING!
I think I was the only one who had ever done it before~

I know Mary Annis, Laura, Meigan and Kathy B had
never done it before but I am not sure about Kathy W~
but she isn't afraid of ANYTHING!

Laura is all smiles getting suited up~
She lied to Meigan about having done it before
to help talk Meigan into going so she had to appear calm!

Kathy is ready too!

Meigan is smiling!
Meigan is grinding her teeth...
Meigan is not a happy camper...
I was so proud she faced her fear tho and 
went with us!


We asked Altero if he would take a group shot of us all...
this is what he did!
These guys were a lot of fun!

He did get a nice shot of us too!

Off we go!




Mary Annis!

Kathy W!

Kathy B!

I did a lot of yelling, screaming, etc. but really it was fun!

Kathy loved it!

Kathy B having a shocking moment!
She looked down!

Back at the compound safe and sound~
I snapped this photo!

Then we asked someone to get one so I could be in the picture!


Then this kind of stuff happens...
women being together laughing and just letting go!
I have my camera ladies...
"Look and smile"
I get this...

Nice Kathy, but can you do it again?
Yes she can!
I loved having my sister spend time with my girls she didn't know and
to connect better with ones she has only met a few times!
Frankie and Kathy!

Allen and I~
He was my friend the whole week,
especially the night I told him I just NEEDED
some ice cream!  Seriously, the food was so healthy and delicious, including
some fabulous desserts...

Well looking here...
It pays to have friends!

I really love this one...
She was mad that she didn't get any Ice Cream!

I know she was happy for me tho!

Kathy and Laura Lou~

Mary Annis and Frankie

More wine...
Stories start to come out...
Can't tell you a thing!

I tell Mary Annis that I know she is shocked by this all
and to give me her best "I can't believe it" face...

She just can't do it!

We all just love this sweet girl so darn much!
Mary Annis is just the most darling southern belle EVER!

Our other southern belle, Laura, just can't take it anymore!
Oh Lordy...

I love that we can spend time together and just BE~
These girls are my heart~ all of them!

Drum circle the next night!
Kathy B is the most gifted in this area and I learned that 
Kathy W. can play a mean drum!

Laura's got the beat!

Look at Kathy W. go!
Mary, who is next to Kathy also was good at the drums
but really was BEST at dancing!

So much fun!

So cute, aren't they?

I was a good girl till Mary took me from my
spot next to Mary Annis and "made" me dance!

Here I am...
(There's Mary to the left clapping and egging me on)

I don't have a shot of Mary and I dancing but boy
do I wish I did!!  We ended up being the only two up and 
I believe the drummer guys were trying to KILL US
because they would not end the music!
They waited till we couldn't dance anymore...
What a workout!

We had a Aerial Silks Class ~
I was so EXCITED to try this!

Frankie looking professional~

Meigan came and took pictures for me...
of me! Ha

This was so hard!

but so very fun!

We made cocoons ~


All smiles!

Pura Vida~
A great place to escape to~ but
really wonderful with

people you love~

and people you just met, who you connect with so easily!
What a fun group of ladies!

Thanks Frankie,
for organizing a fabulous trip yet again!
You made it easy for all of us~
We love you!