Thursday, April 29, 2010

Summer Lovin...

Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Party For Papa...

Sarah planned a party for her Papa.

She called everyone and told them to dress up. Girls needed to wear dresses and the boys needed to look "handesome"!

She called her school and told the teachers that she would not be in today since she had to plan the party for her Papa.

We shopped for decorations.

We shopped for dinner... she choose chicken tenders, fries, broccoli, (because Papa loves it) and corn.

She picked out huge cupcakes, chocolate and vanilla!

She and Molly wrapped all sorts of goodies for Papa.

His favorites... colored pencils!

Who Knew?

Papa was so excited...

Sarah was so proud to have planned the whole thing! Even the candles played music... Happy Birthday!
Then we all went outside where Cayden found the push car and had the time of his life!! Daddy pushed him around and around.
He laughed a deep belly laugh...
and so did everyone else!
Molly... well she just loved the cupcakes!
And her new slide!

Happy Birthday Papa! We love you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

They really do shine... here's how to do it!

Dave and I had a little road trip this weekend. He needed to see some clients in Louiseville Kentucky and asked me to ride along. We planned to stop in Columbus on the way home to stay with my sister Frankie and her husband Tom. In Kentucky, we did some sight seeing and stopped at Churchhill Downs... home of the Kentucky Derby. Have to say, it reminded me of our very own Thistledown track! At my sisters, we had dinner and some cocktails... a FEW cocktails and the fun began. If you want your kitchen counters to shine... try this!

Dave holding Frankie as she shines that countertop!!
Please DO NOT attempt this, unless you have had a few cocktails!

Thanks for dinner and for the good time... you really have" scruples" Frankie, you really, really do!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Did You Know...

Sarah and Molly, did you know...
that when your Mommy got married, your cousins Hannah, Hope and Sam, were in the wedding? They Were!! Hannah and Hope wore beautiful dresses and Sam wore a tuxedo, just like his Uncle Donny. Don't they look so great with Mommy in this picture? Sam really stole the show... just look at him! So handsome!
There were lots of handsome men at Mommy's wedding! Here is a picture of Mommy with Papa and all Papa's good friends! Mommy was so happy that day!
Your Mommy and Daddy, holding on to a special someone! We already knew you were growing inside Mommy, Sarah!! You and Mommy married Daddy that day!
6 months later, you were born! Look how cute you were, even sticking out your tongue!!
The little Walton girl!
Meme and Papa were so in love with you Sarah Rose. You were the tiniest little baby!
And now YOU KNOW!!

BY THE WAY... Big Papa had a birthday yesterday! We are having a dinner party at Beckie and Don's next week so I will post a late birthday post then! Sarah says "Mem, you should wear a dress because husbands like when their wives wear dresses to their birthday party!" You bet I'll be in a dress!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday ...Again

Here we go.... 152.9 Holding steady!!

Yesterday at pilates, Meigan fell and broke her elbow
You might ask how, wondering is pilates all that dangerous? No, it's really not! We were working with the TRX, a suspended strap system, that really is GREAT and we had it in single handle mode. In single handed mode you must hold the bottom handle so they sort of "lock" together. We worked our right arm, doing bicep curls, and inverted rows. Hard stuff. Then it was time to do the left arm. Dear Meig, grabbed the wrong handle and leaned back to begin and the strap just went right through the other, leaving Meig free falling to the ground. Landing on her left elbow.

Really painful people!

I took her to the ER and just knew it was broken by her actions. She is going to see an Orthopedic doctor today. More on all this later!!

Feel better Meigan... you skinny bitch!

Edit: Here she is in all her GLORY!! Hot Pink...Really?

Monday, April 19, 2010


WOW!! What a change already! We see now that our paint job will need to be redone since our beige walls are looking a little pink with the new tile installed!! We painted last year before we decided to really remodel!!
It's looking great! Dave heads back May 8 to install the new cabinets we ordered. Can't wait to see the kitchen after they go up and the granite is set!! Stay tuned!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Decorations we should always keep UP!

Before we left Florida, we took down all the greenery on the high shelves. I had Beckie do the climbing since I am terrified of heights!! Once she got up there Sarah yelled, "Mommy, you look like the elf on the shelve!"
Beckie thought she said the "OWL" hence the whooooo-ing!!
It started a whole chain of events... Sarah climbed up! Notice little Molly at the foot of the ladder...
Such pretty, pretty decorations!

Tegan and Kelley had some engagement photos taken recently... the photographer from FifthGear Studios did a great job!!
Only 64 days till the wedding.... Yikes!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lemuho... say it right!!

Le (Lay) mu (Mu) ho (Ho)... it's the name for our Florida house. Lemuho is in a total state of disarray right now! Check it out... It went from this,
To this... notice the wall missing on the left, behind the brown chair. I love it gone!
Cupboards out... thank you very much Rick!
Green carpet... what the hell were we thinking Carole and Roxi?? Finally- it's gone!

Tile is being laid as we speak. Can't wait to post pictures of that when it's done! Dave and Bob will head there to install new cupboards in May and I picked the granite for the counter tops so everything should "fall" into place. Wait... nothing is falling into place. We have a pro... Rick, with Roxi's help too overseeing this project for us! Here's the email Rick sent with the pictures from above!

Just let me know how much I owe you for the privilege of destroying your house. I found great pleasure in taking out my frustrations on your place as apposed to the golf course. I now know that if I want to play great golf, I will need to destroy something before hand. This might get costly. I'll send more pics as work progresses.

Too funny! Thanks so much Rick... you know we love ya!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Wednesday...

Congratulations to my daughter Bridget's sister in law, Joy, who had a bouncing baby boy today!! Mason is here and I hear he weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs. 10 ozs. How in the world did little Joy do that?? Joy's mom is in town to help out and I am sure she is in her glory, enjoying this precious new grandson!! Cayden will have a buddy for summer weekends at the lake! Grandpa Curt must be thrilled too!! I can't wait to meet him!

Weigh in time.... 153.2 I can't seem to move from this mark. I go up and I come down a few ounces every week. I am going to kick it up with cardio to see if I can't get something to happen!! Stay Tuned. I still feel like I am looking good, so that is very encouraging to me. I have had to shop since pants aren't fitting right - I know somethings have changed for the better!!

My sweethearts gems are all good. Sarah and Molly continue to remind me of Beckie and Bridget when they were 4 and 2. Its so funny to me. Sarah is her Mommy reborn. How she talks, acts, and even how she walks. Molly is Bridget. Tiny, such a little munchkin, like Bridget was. Molly does whatever Sarah tells her to do when they are playing... I love watching the two of them when they are being good to each other.

Cayden was so happy to see the girls after our week in Florida. He knocked Molly right off her feet with a big hug!
They are too cute together!!
Cayden woke Sarah up then too! "Ra Ra", he says over and over!
So glad to be reunited with his girlie cousins!! Cayden's cast is off... he is ready to go-go-go, what we call walking. He is hesitant to take off though! Time will tell.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crazy Little Bird...

What to do? Tried chimes. Tried taping pictures to the window. What next? I am beginning to think we have a pet!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Lesjak

Yes! You did read that last post right! Kelley is going to be a Mommy!
I am thrilled to finally be able to announce my secret news!!! Tegan and Kelley are having a BABY!! Kelley wanted to let some time pass, let the baby grow some and then share the news!
Kelley works for a High Risk OB office so she has been able to have early ultrasounds because of her history. Here is an ultrasound of Baby Lesjak at 12 weeks!
Amazing! Too soon to know girl or boy... Doctor looked and says the baby just might be a BOY! We will see!! So Tegan is getting to marry a beautiful bride as well as his very own baby! Umm... choosing life, is a WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL THING! Bridget's little Mya will be born around Aug 31st and Kelley's baby around Oct. 19th! Meme will be so busy, won't I?
Gem after Gem!