Friday, October 19, 2012

The Countdown has begun!

The paper Disney Chain is hanging...
The first time Dave and I took the kids to Disney, there were only two of them~
Beckie and Bridget, ages 4 and 2.
Easter time~ BIG MISTAKE!
We were visiting his parents in Apopka, which is minutes from Disney, so
one day we decided to take the girls.
See me and Beckie on Dumbo... 
We waited 2 hours for this ride.
The park was so crowded we only stayed to see parade and then
we were on our way out!

Our second trip was much more fun!  We surprised the kids on Saturday morning.
They woke up and we were all having breakfast, discussing what we might do
for the day.  Dave suggested that we go to Disney World!
The kids all just laughed and said right Dad...
He said "No, really, let's do it!  I'll call Rick(our neighbor) to take us to the
airport right now!"  And he did.
I remember Danny started to cry... saying "This is the meanest thing you ever did"
He did not believe his Dad was really going to take him!
We had the suitcases packed in the van and we were off within 15 minutes!
It was so fun surprising them all!
Beckie may have missed the perfect age for Disney but I know she still had
a great time!  She was into the taking "pictures without smiles" phase that 
thankfully didn't last all that long!!  Love that girl!
Tegan was perfect for it all~ just like I am hoping Sarah and Molly will be!

We stayed in the cabins in Fort Wilderness~
Campfires at night,
Two pools with slides,
I remembered when we booked the cabins thinking I wasn't too
sure I would love it.  But I was so surprised how nice they were,
and you still had room service, beds were made plus a kitchen!
It turned out to be the best way to go for us!
We rented a golf cart to get around and the bus was right there to all
the parks!
The Cabins sleep 6~
But Dave a.k.a. Papa, who is taking his girls and their parents
said "We get our own cabin and they will have their own"
Don, Beckie, Sarha and Molly~
We will be neighbors in Fort Wilderness!
The girls can sleep in their own room
while Mommy and Daddy injoy the Murphy Bed in the living room!
Our four kids slept together and Dave and I slept on murphy bed~
I remember this bed being very comfy too!

Sarah and Molly...
Are you getting EXCITED?
It will be so fun ~
6 nights, 7 days
Some days all together
Some days with just you and your parents,
Who knows...
You both just might get to "yeepover" in Meme and Papa's
cabin and Mommy and Daddy can have a day/night together!!

Haven't you always wanted to go to  WALT DISNEY WORLD?
Only 36 more days~~