Monday, November 26, 2012

More of the Magic!

Ready for the day...
Molly does some driving...
She can't see over the steering wheel so she 
squints thru it!
No worries... Papa is at the wheel with her!
On the boat again!
Molly is the Captain!
When she isn't snapping pictures!

Once in the Magic Kingdom, we find Mary Poppins!
She was Delightful!
Cute Waltons
We had early snacks today~
you must use up the meal plan snacks!
Look out the five minute rule is in effect.
She goes CRAZY
Dancing on sewer caps for Grandma Gert!
Big Dance Party in the street~
Molly gets right into it!
Dancing with Donald!

So many characters!
Molly was so excited to meet them all!

High up in the Sky
High Five!
Incredibles Super Hero~

Off to meet the Storybook Princesses~
How pretty is she?
Princess Aurora~
Friendly as ever!
And Cinderella was there again and had so much
more time to visit with the girls~
She talked to each of them so sweetly~ 

I loved the way Sarah held Papa and Daddy's hands all day!
I had a buddy too~
I am creating a monster in my little Molly.
I have her convinced she is a PRINCESS!
I think we BOTH are!
Mommy braves all the spinning rides with the girls~
We think she is really having the most fun!
Waiting to meet Ariel, Sarah finds a conch shell and 
tries to hear the ocean!
Another wonderfully sweet Princess~
Ariel told Sarah that she loved her "spectacles" and 
that she really wanted some to start her very own 

She totally engage Molly into conversation too!

The girls loved her!

The Beast from Beauty and the Beast lives in this Castle~
We went on Monsters Inc.
Laugh Floor!
So funny!
Molly waiting for boat~
See, she poses every chance she gets!
Such a Princess!
Here's one too~
Actually two!

At the Chip and Dale campfire and sing along!
Molly loves to take pictures!
There was a whole lot of dancing going on~
Molly the photographer again!
Thanks Molly!
Hoola Hoops~
Sarah really loved doing this~ she skipped and walked, 
all while hoola hooping!
Molly was great at it too!
Campfire was lit and everyone made some
s'mores! Yum... all BEFORE our dinner!!
Crazy girl!
Chip and Dale join in the fun~
They come around for pictures and autographs too!
Dale was so sweet!
We sang along with a guitar playing cowboy!
We danced along too!
Hockey Pokey Everyone!

So much fun!
I think Sarah is really in her element in the outdoors~
she was just full of smiles the entire night!
We had discovered earlier that the kids could not go on
trail rides with horses because you needed to be 9.
So we went to the farm where there are pony rides but
found out you had to be under 48 inches tall~
Sarah measured just over the mark and we were told
she could not ride the ponies either.  She was so sad~
Disney must find a way to fix this ~ 
So I was so happy to see her having 
a great time!
Dinner at Trails End Restaurant~
Molly is such an actress!
More hoola hooping outside after dinner!
I showed Sarah how to move her hips just right!
Molly could practically run and do it!

Meme and Sarah
Who would win?
I had someone in my corner...
cheering for me!
Could I do it?
Or would this little Egyptian beat me?
It was a tie!

Meanwhile back at the bar...

Wait... did I say ranch?
Is that Dave and Donny??

Well, that's one way to enjoy Fort Wilderness!