Friday, June 26, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner...

We had a rehearsal dinner tonight without  the rehearsal!  The dinner was to take place on the roof of the hotel but it started to rain,  really to storm, at about 4 pm.  The staff quickly moved everything back inside.  It didn't seem to matter... the lounge room was really comfortable and everyone had a blast!  
Rick, Melissa and Roxi, all smiles, ready to celebrate with friends!

                                   ~~~The Bride and her Mother~~~
                                  ~~~The Bride and her Father~~~

                                   ~~~The Groom and his Mother~~~

Your friends say to give you a message...

                "Don't worry Dave, your wife is in good hands!  We miss you!"
                                                       Your friends!

View from a room...

MINE... to be exact! Isn't it grand? There is a peaceful, easy feeling here for sure.

I ran into the happy couple at breakfast and took some cute shots...

                        ~~~Mel & Jason~~~

They are just so darling together.  They are making the final checks on flowers, the hall, etc.  After breakfast, they were going off to pick up their MARRIAGE LICENSE!  One day to go till the BIG DAY!

Oh, and the rest of us... Golf for the men... SHOPPING for the women!