Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sharing Our Love~

We spent the last few days together, knowing these two love bugs will be moving Thursday.
Cayden told Molly ~ "Come to Van Werk and play with me!"
Sarah can't wait to visit Cayden and Mya to help Aunt Doodie! She loves to hold Mya and read stories to Cayden.
Cayden gets to play with Uncle Danny.
Aunt BB spends time with Mya Brynn!
Molly shares some love with Mya~
Papa gets some playtime on the floor... while Cayden rides like a cowboy, and Molly gives Mya some hair!!
Tomorrow is the big day! I am hoping all goes smoothly and without a hitch! I will spend some more time playing with Mya and Cayden while the truck is loaded~

Cayden says...
"I'm a country boy"
It's a very exciting time for my Bridget and Cyle, a new chapter! I just keep thinking about little Cayden's personality... his outgoing nature, his friendliness, his heart and I think to myself....

Yep... he'll make a mighty fine "good ole boy"

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