Sunday, October 9, 2011

Molly's big field trip with Meme!

I was lucky enough to be asked by Beckie to go on Molly's field trip to Schoepfle Gardens~ Beckie was going to be busy on another field trip with Sarah to the Cleveland Zoo!  So of course I said YES!!

Here she is, all ready to jump on bus number 24 with the rest of the afternoon Western Reserve preschoolers!

Molly loved all the rock border edges that she could climb on and practice her balance beam skills!  She even found these little "stairs"!

I think her favorite thing was the Rocky G Clef mound!  She liked climbing up the rocks then crawling into the little hidden tunnels on top and sliding out at the bottom!!  She did it over and over!  Some moms didn't like that it was a little wet and wouldn't let their kids try it....but Molly did not care at all!!

The students did a craft with Ms Elizabeth from the gardens~ they made their very own WoolyBear!  One of Molly's little classmates did find a real one and Ms Elizabeth put it in a jar for everyone to hold and see.  We did see many little white caterpillars, the ones with the little black spots on the back!  Well, Molly had a lesson about those white ones to teach all the kids on the field trip...

Molly showed her friends how she had a bad rash on her arms, belly, legs and face ... just from holding the white one!!  It can cause allergic reactions just by touching it!!  Moms and Dads on the field trip kept reminding all the kids not to touch them~ and believe me, we saw A LOT of the white ones with black spots!!

 Just look at Molly's face~  even her little hands swelled so big!  Beckie took her to the doctor and as Beckie listed things Molly had touched or ate the day before, the dr. stopped her when she said she played wih a caterpillar!!  She asked what color and TaDa.... mystery solved about the rash!!

Molly loved the hedge maze and then she learned about the sun dial!

We talked about how people used to pump their water from the well and we saw a beautiful carousal, but did not get to take a ride since it was closed for the season! 

Ms Elizabeth gave all the kids new sunglasses at the end of the tour!

I had so much fun with you Molly!  Thanks for taking Meme with you on your field trip this year!!