Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Adventures Of Sometime Y ~ starring Molly Carolyn

Molly was my star in her Kindergarten Music Program!

The Adventures of Sometime Y
An Alphabet Adventure!

Molly waiting patiently with all the other 
kindergarten students!
She took the stage with a flair of confidence!
She smiled to her adoring family of fans!
They sang the alphabet
Not so easy to do!
Actions came with each song
some were even signed...
but facial expressions really stole the show!
The Silent Letter E... sneaks up on ya!

Molly had a speaking part!
Here she is with her best friend Gracyn, in blue,
behind her!  The girls did a great job delivering their lines!

X... a spooky little song!
R.E. + X, REX
M.A. + X, MAX
T.A. + X, TAX
The 24th Letter X
You find it at the end of your favorite word,
as long as this is the sound that's heard....

The whole show was PRICELESS!
Molly accepts cudo's from the Vice Principal!

She melts my heart with those chocolate eyes!
She's my brown eyed girl...
Watch for her in the years to come!
You can say " You knew her when....!"