Sunday, December 2, 2012

Breaking the law...

The Walton girls sleeping together on their last night at
Disney World~
Big plans on the last day are just to let Molly
have her pony ride!
This is cause for BIG EXCITEMENT!
The girls run to the Pony Farm!
Although signs are posted that say
Sarah and Molly break the law!
They just can't resist!
Molly gets set up on Bandit~
and Mommy will be her "driver"!
So fun!
Off they go!
Molly also pets and talks to Bandit all the way around the
farm yard!
"He's a Handsome Boy"

Meanwhile, the law breaker is still at it!
Meme came up and started to pet this same guy and he stuck his head out FAST
and bit my jacket!  No wonder there are signs telling you not to pet~ some Bite!
But he liked Sarah Rose!
All done!
Caught Donny breaking the law too~ jumping the fence~ or just
going under it!
Sarah and Molly's Daddy buys them one souvenir!
The choose was so very hard~
Sarah picks Lady, a pillow pet!
She is the Princess who loves all dogs, after all!
Molly chooses a Bear from Fort Wilderness~

"Watch out Papa... he bites!"
No not really~ he is lovable just like Molly~
Beckie and Molly enjoy the last rays of Florida sun
after lunch!
The Walton family gets ready to go!
We had so much fun together in Fort Wilderness.
So much fun at all the Disney World Parks together!
Molly is excited for the road trip!
Papa and I love you girls so much!
It was our pleasure to share Disney with you both
and your Mommy and Daddy too!

It sure was 
We love you 
Princess Sarah and Princess Molly