Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

This year we had a fun group visit for Valentine Week~
Meigan, Dennis, Mary Annis, Mike, Laura, Gary and Kathy joined Rick, Roxi, 
Dave and I for a swell time!

There was walking every morning and on the first day we performed
the annual Cannon Ball Run into the pool~

Good Clean Fun~
There was a lot of relaxing in the sun~
Fun in the sun!

Mike getting a little work done in Dave's office!

Pasta night at the club~
the guys~
The girls~
Roxi was not home yet but we were excited to see her the next day~

Shut The Box..
Throw in your dollars!

Valentine Day breakfast~ 
A sweet treat for our guys~
French toast "HEARTS" and berries!

Our guys then told the women that we were "off to the Hyatt"
for massages!  What a surprise!

The weather took a turn and the rain came in...
But it didn't stop Dennis, Dave, Gary and Kathy from
enjoying the hot tub!

Part of the group before dinner...
Kathy, Gary, Laura, Dave, Meigan, Dennis, 
Mary Annis and Mike!
My turn...
Add me!

We went to a Jimmy Buffet tribute night at the Stage~
He was so good!  Picture is dark but it's
and Laura~
Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Roxi and Dave at the Bay House!
Thanks to Rick and Roxi for hosting Gary and Kathy since our house 
was full!  It was a wonderful long weekend with good friends, 
good wine (thanks Steve and Dennis) and good times!
Thanks for the visit everyone~
Keeps a HEART happy!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Miss Molly Johnson and my Molly~

Molly's violin teacher, Miss Molly Johnson, came to Molly's school
to help Molly share a bit about the violin with her classmates!
Miss Molly has lent one of her very own violins to Molly when Molly outgrew her 
first little violin.  She told Molly that she trusted her to take good care
of it ~ Miss Molly is just the greatest teacher ever!
She is accompanying Molly on the piano!
Twinkle, Twinkle... 
Our Molly was so nervous in front of her peers~ watch her
feet when she makes a mistake... priceless!

They performed 4 songs together then our Molly answered questions
from her classmates about her violin and her lessons.

Thank you Miss Molly Johnson for your generous gift of time
to our Molly.  How lucky she is to have such a giving teacher in her 
her life~

Our girls went to Meigan and Dennis's house and Dennis asked
Molly to play a piece with him too~

She was nervous again... can so tell by her feet!! I love this little wonder of mine!

Thanks Dennis for encouraging my gem~
and Meigan for having the girls for a visit and dinner!
Sarah loved helping make the meatballs!

I am missing my little gems!
I was sorry to be away and not be able to see Molly perform 
for her classmates.  Thanks for the videos Beckie!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

L O V E ~

It is 

Layla plays dress up~

She enjoys looking at treasures Meme and Pop-ay sent until
she sees Mommy is video taping!!  Ha!

Mya and Cayden got busy making the craft masks that were in
their box of valentine treasures!

They are so cute together...
Mya can't see out of her mask~ watch her shoe!

Cayden loves singing!  Here he performs some of Taylor Swifts
"Mean", but he is stuck on one part...

Sarah and Molly did Cheerleading camp again!
Here's a sneak peek for Meme...

They are so cute!
It was a Rock and Roll theme!
The Hand-Jive!!  
My Gems are keeping busy!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Last Day in Costa Rica~ Part Six

We wake on our last day to find our faithful Guapo keeping
watch over our bungalow.
Another beautiful day in paradise ~
the plan is to have breakfast at Florblanca, see their
bungalows and then head to our beach! 

Caught Dave mid blink I think~ but I love this picture!
Doesn't he look relaxed?

Look who followed us down the beach to Florblanca~
Yep... Guapo~ resting while we have breakfast!

Check out the private pool cabana~
the lizard to the left of the table!

The bar area is so pretty here!
We had a few cocktails here a couple of nights!

We have a tour of the bungalows~
Here is a shot from porch, that has a hammock on it, looking into the 
open air downstairs.
The bathrooms here are also open air!
The downstairs bedroom, which is a closed room has twin beds and
a daybed to sleep 6.  There is a master bedroom upstairs and both
bedroom are air conditioned!
More of the bathroom~
It even had a tub~
The master bedroom up stairs~
A view from the stairs!

Their swimming pool~
We relaxed in the hammock outside our bungalow at Milarepa
for a bit!

Then we headed to our beach!

We laid in the sun and went in the water for a bit~

A handsome devil!

Bye land...
The road through our land to Milarepa~
When we got back to Milarepa~ our howler monkeys 
were making their way across the tree canopies back up
the mountain for the night!

There were about 10 of them crossing the trees, even this little
baby one!
Enjoying one last sunset~

So peaceful!
Our last dinner was at Milarepa~ we said goodbye to
Andie, Lukas and Bianca!

The Tambor runway... off we go!

We are air born!

We had such a relaxing trip~ no worries~ just happy!

I can't wait to go back!