Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dave set up to have the Apache picked up in 
a trailer to be driven to Grand Junction.
Big Green is going on a road
trip to it's rightful owner, Tegan.

Dave bought Tegan this truck his junior year in high school.
Tegan wanted "an old school truck" for everyday use.
They found it in someone's garage and called to see
if they had any interest in selling it.
The owner said he was just going to push it to
the yard and put a FOR SALE sign on it.
Dave asked if they could take it for a ride and
the man said it hasn't been running in about 20 years.
Dave and Tegan got it started (it took a couple of hours and a
run to an auto parts store) and took it out 
on the road.
Dave bought it on the spot.
It was painted black at that time.
Tegan drove it for a few weeks and Dave asked if
he had any interest in restoring it? hapolstered
Tegan said Yes!
They spent a winter in Dave's wood shop taking 
this truck apart and rebuilding it.
They choose a dark green, hence the name BIG GREEN, 
and had it painted.   It turned out beautiful.  From top to bottom and back bed, it dazzled!
They had not done much to the interior at
that time but Tegan enjoyed taking it to car shows!
After Wyotech, Tegan made a custom seat cover for it~ showing off it's year!

Today Rob Johnson came to pick it up.
He marveled at the work my son and husband have done
to this truck.  He understood the value of this prized possession and 
assured me he would "take good care of her".
He attempted to back her into his trailer but soon
gave up and pulled her straight in.

It was a tight squeeze for sure!
Big Green is traveling in style just like in the movie
Cars, right Cayden?
Woo Hoo... that's a big trailer!

I was sad to see it go...
I might have cried a bit
or all day.
It seems it was the last thing here that might
bring my Colorado Lesjaks home.

And now she is gone.
Even the birds are crying~