Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Sarah Rose Walton

How very sweet and tiny she was... She would snuggle right up into my shoulder. Sarah warmed my heart and I loved to rock this little baby girl. She loves to sing...she loves to dance. Some fun facts..

Sarah cannot say the words forget or comes out foreegot/foreeget

Sarah says "Sure" for yes

Sarah loves to read...ANYTHING~

Sarah says..."I am just a little girl"

Sarah dances around in her tutu or evening gown and commands everyone
to " WATCH ME"!

Sarah loves it when Uncle Dan throws her in the air and catches her on
the way down.

Sarah tells me "You have a really nice house MeMe...It is so big!" every time
we pull into the garage.

Sarah shortens my name to MEM...when she says she loves me. "I just love
you Mem!"

Sarah tells her Uncle Tegan that he is the BEST... and she believes he is!

Sarah will say-" We miss Uncle Tegan, right Meme?"

Sarah tells Aunt Doodie (Bridget)..."You have a nice baby boy here"

Sarah will shake her head and wave her hand and tell me "I just love my mommy, she is so so nice"

She is growing up so fast. Where did the time go since September 17th, 2005? From 7lbs, 11 3 years old in a blink of an eye. I remember every hug and kiss, every "oh my goodness" and every PARTY in her pretty hair!! She is precious to me. I am blessed to be her Meme.