Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Much Fun!!!

What a HORRID SIGHT!!! Meme transformed into a WITCH! A good one, but, a witch, none the less!! Papa was a blind referee!! Here we are at Beckie's for dinner and Trick or Treating.

A little Monkey....
A little Black Cat...
A little Princess...

What a fun halloween night it was!! The black cat, princess and monkey were ready to scream "Trick Or Treat"!! Their Mommies were proud to show off their little offspring!!

Molly, the princess worries about how spooky it will all be while wondering around the neighborhood!!
The girls pose in front of their newly placed "For Sale" sign. The Waltons are hoping this will be the last halloween in their first home!!

A little group heading off to get the goods! Dave and I stayed back on the front porch to pass the goods out at Beckie's house!!

This little monkey learned quickly to take the treat and drop it in his bag! Cayden is so SMART!!
Danny and Dagmara went to Cedar Point for the night! Hallo-weekend! Can't wait to hear all about that fun time!!

And...across the miles, Tegan, Kelley, and Bo were getting ready for halloween too!! Here Kelley holds Bo as he sports some stylish glasses!!
Oh wait... they are Tegan's!! The nerd...
Bo is dressed for the cold Colorado weather!! This dog could be a model!!
So cute! For halloween, Bo was a ROOSTER!! Hope to share the picture soon!!

I just love these two...
and their "pretty little dog" hahaha!!