Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Bridget came to town with two little cuties...
Mya... smiling even though she didn't feel good the whole weekend.
She and Cayden were sick~ but they were happy to see Meme and Papa!
Cayden came straight from the dentist who had worked on his other
front tooth~
We worked hard to get a smile out of him to see the new little tooth!
Isn't it great?

We just love this kid!

Cayden got to spend the day in the wood shop with Papa!
He wanted to make a dinosaur, so he drew a copy of 
a felt dinosaur we have from a felt board.
Then he and Papa used the jig saw to cut the dino out!
Cayden was working so hard following the line!

Then it was time to paint the dino~

Mya woke from her nap and wanted to help too!

I need to get a photo of the finished T-Rex~ he turned out really great!
When Bri got the kids home, Mya really took a turn for the worse and Bri took
her to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon... Poor thing had pneumonia and double ear
infections.  She has had breathing treatments now for a few days and is
doing much better.  Sweet Cayden is doing better too!

I am having a "yeep-over" at Sarah and Molly's this weekend...
(We still say it that way even though everyone can say it right!!)
Sunday is Sister Act at the Playhouse... should be fun!

I am really excited to see Layla, Kelley, Tegan and Danny next
week as I make my way to Grand Junction and Breckenridge!