Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here and There...

Layla broke her arm...
Sweet little bug fell from the counter stool~
She has been a trooper and she
will be getting it off tomorrow!
Layla was happy to see her Dramma!

Many people tell Tegan all the time that his baby
girl looks a lot like Brad Pitts baby girl!
Ha~ isn't she beautiful?

Layla loves working in the garage with her Papa Tegan!

She turned 3 with a Princess Themed Party~
Here's two princesses now~
serious little eaters!

Layla sure is a Daddy's girl~
she and her Papa spend lots of time together!
Tegan said he loves just looking
"at this little mini Kelley he has for a daughter"

He sure loves these two girls!

Danny is enjoying the mountain in Breckenridge already~
He sent me some pictures with this note...

Just for you... Messing around with my go pro footage and making some still shots~
this ones for you!  I miss you guys, but I'm having a blast in some beautiful surroundings.
Love you!
That's my boy~

Here are a few more~

I cannot wait to see him in a few weeks!
And his sweet dogs too~
Speaking of~ here's Kayla~
hoping for the best for the Indians!

My Sarah has been busy making Rainbow Looming bracelets!
How fun!

This girl also made the Student Council!
I am so proud of Sarah Rose!

The girls and their Mommy set up some decorations for Halloween~

A certain little someone joined swim team with her big sister!
Way to go Molly~ you are a fish just like Sarah!
Wait till you hear about her first swim meet!

I got my haircut like this before the cruise
but couldn't wait to cut it even more!

Mya's teacher sent this cute picture of me and her 
in the classroom!

Today I had my hair cut again!!
And totally thinned out~

Let's hope I can hold off and not go shorter!

It will be nice for my grand kids and great grands to be able
to see me on this blog so I have decided to post more pictures of ME!

I want them never to forget me
or the love I have for them and their Moms and Dads!!