Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A~Fair To Remember!

This past weekend, I traveled to Venedocia to visit my Bridget and her little family! Van Wert was having their Peony Festival and we ventured off on Friday night to ride some carnival rides they had set up!

Bridget and Cayden jumped right on this ride... Little did they know, it was never ending. It went around and around and around, with no end in site!

Cayden was so happy to spy his friends, Hadley and Gweny, with their mommy, daddy, grandma and grandpa!
"Hadley... Hi!"
Big hugs for his little friend Hadley!
Big plans to ride the rockets together!
Let's go!
Bridget, Cayden, Hadley and Jackie pose for photo! Jackie and Bridget were college roommates at Xavier University and are both RN's.
Once on the ride, Hadley had things to tell Cayden.
She had a lot of things to say! Cayden hollered to Mommy...."Hadley is talking to me"!
Apparently, she had some funny things to say!
They made me think of the song... Kiss the Girl. You know me, I had to sing it! Both blushed a bit! "go on, you know, you want to kiss the girl"
Then they both got silly...
See what I mean?
What glorious fun!

Cayden decided then to take my advice and ...
he started to go for it...
it wasn't easy...
But... he landed that kiss anyway!
It was A Fair To Remember!