Monday, November 7, 2011

Anna Maria Island~

 This post should have a "warning" that goes along with it!  Beware... things were said.  Things were done.

Not really sure I can promise to opey the sign above!!  You know me... or maybe you don't!!

Meigan plans a trip each year to her condo on Anna Maria Island.  I have been there with my family on Easters past but never on her November "girls trip".  She has invited me plenty of times and this year I decided to say YES.  Meigan, Mary Annis, and I flew from Cleveland on Thursday am to Tampa Florida.  There we met Laura, from Oklahoma and Mary Anne, from Arkansas.
 We hit the road for the hour drive to Bradenton Beach.  Another friend, Carol, who lives on the island 6 months out of the year was planning on joining us for some fun too!  Meigan and Mary Annis, the college buddies enjoy the sunshine as we wait on a table for lunch!

Carol joined us for lunch then came over for a movie night!  We are so low key on our girls trips!  I suggested we do a home made spa night... Thanks to my daughter in law, Kelley, who loves to make homemade treatments, for this great idea! 

Have you seen Bridesmaids?  It's great and so funny!  Here's Carol...
 She brought us some really good wine!  Thanks Carol!
 Laura and I have been to Ireland together and I see her at the occasional Ward wedding~ with six kids there have been a few weddings and more to come!  I am always so glad to be around this girl!
 She can make me laugh~ with her Oklahoma twang!  And I can make her laugh with my smart witty comments!
 I swear we would be trouble together if she lived in Ohio.
 She hangs on my every word... looking shocked by things I say...
 but don't be fooled... she brings it out in me!!   Here, I am just mocking some things I heard her say...

"Yum... Candy and Bacon"

"That grouper is trying to swim out my ass" .... WHAT??

"Quit being Meme every where you go"  Ok... I talk to every child I see.  Can't help it.

My Favorite...

Laura~ "I have no class"

Mary Anne~ "Yes, you do~ It's just third class"!!

Oh my, oh my.

Our "SPA" night was so fun!  Everyone should try it sometime!  Here is Meig enjoying a foot soak!

Laura came up with this treatment.  It included soaking, then a foot and leg massage!  Mary Annis is really relaxing thru it too!

Meigan's idea was a hot oil hair treatment.  Olive Oil and Lavender oils massaged into our hair, then wrapped with cling wrap to let it really soak in!

Mary Anne choose a facial treatment~ she had a dermabrasion brush and a face polish!  I brought along a cucumber face mask!  It was so refreshing!

Mary Annis came with a recipe for our hands!  A sugar scrub with a massage then rinse...
and then lotion was applied and our hands were wrapped in warm towels!
Every treatment felt great~  We had so much fun sharing each others company and we may even have had a cocktail or two!

In the morning, we prepared to hit the beach...
do you think Meigan has enough sunblock? 

Mary Annis was ready to catch some rays!

Oh... if only the Land Sharks were open!!

Mary Anne hurt her knee a few weeks before the trip and when she got up to get off the plane it totally gave out on her.  Scary!  We found a brace and and did our best to try to keep her from doing too much!  In this photo, Meigan and Mary Anne are celebrating that Mary Anne got down and back up from the picture above!

Ahhh... finally we enjoy the beers on the beach!

Mary Annis, a mother of three beautiful daughters, is a southern bella as well.  She comes from Tennessee and is just the sweetest thing, bless her heart!

Laura, mother of two, is just so fun to be around... she is C R A Z Y~ enough said above, don't ya think?

Oh,  Meigan Ann, mother of six, nonna to six, is an original skinny bitch and I adore spending time with her!

Mary Anne, mother of two, grandma to two, is also fun to be around!  She was such a trooper this weekend with her knee~ she never complained once and we know she was in a lot of pain!  Nothing held her back from having a good time!

WAIT!  WHAT?  A picture of  Diana a.k.a Meme... let me get my prop!

There, that's better!  I am a mother of four, meme to 5 and the other skinny bitch!  I had so much fun with these women~ Thanks for a great time!  Thanks Meigan, for having us.  We tried to be good!

Apothic Red did not help!

The waters were rough...

but we were so relaxed!

Some even more than others!

We finally had a night out... just look how refreshed Meig and Mary Annis look after all those spa treatments the night before!!

We had beautiful sunsets...

Some husbands were in China, so we sent some pictures!

I sent this photo to Dave in Bonita Springs~

Then he sent this picture back!
It was hard to be only an hour or so away from Dave!  I wanted to rent a car and surprise him at our house.  I could have driven home to Ohio with him them...
But, I had already offered to watch a few cute GEMS this week since their sitter had to go out of town.
Hurry home Papa.... we are waiting!

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