Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photo Essay... Vacation Highlights!

Annual pictures at the fountain. This year it was a little late in the day and the sun was right in everyone's eyes!
Kisses for mommy~
Sarah, Molly and Beckie ~ so pretty!
Layla's mommy and daddy share a special moment~
We all walk back to the car.
Sarah found some things to make her lizard feel right at home~
Molly holding Layla~
Molly stopping for a picture while on a walk with Meme~
Uncle Tegan and Molly, deep in conversation!
Sarah and Layla~ cousins!
Sarah doing some art work~
Roxi and Layla having a laugh together~
Beckie and Molly on the boat shuttle to the private beach~ Bright sunlight again!
Molly twisting in the sand!
Layla napping with Meme on the beach.
Tegan and Kelley taking a stroll together!
Sarah having fun with Layla and Uncle Tegan at the waters edge!
Paper, Scissors, Rock at Doc's BeachHouse!
Layla loves playing with Molly~
Mya does too!
Sarah reads a story to us! Notice Molly sitting with her legs crossed~ "just like Meme", she says!
Off to the airport with Beckie, Sarah and Molly. Sarah cried most of the way~ sorry to be leaving all the fun behind!

More to come...