Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Check out Cayden's beautiful smile!! This is one happy 8 week old baby boy!! Thanks to all my good friends who went to visit Cayden at home last night! We did miss our YaYa though, since she was busy with wedding plans for Sarah! Thanks Cyle and Bridget for having us over! The girls just love your nursery and your baby boy Cayden!
Sarah spent some time playing with her little birdie outside! She actually found a real nest on the ground and wasted no time "moving" her little bird into his new house!!

First Day of School!!

Today was Sarah's first day back at Best Beginnings. It was with mixed emotions that I went in today to help in the 4 year old class since they have 3 new teachers!! They did a fine job and will have all things mastered in no time at all!! Sarah is in the Sunshine room (3 year old) and she was so happy to see the new circus tent Miss Gail purchased for her classroom. Sarah made many new friends and was so happy to be back!!