Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Papa! 30 Days of Thanks ~ #1

We are sending this post out to Papa, who is in Florida and missing all our Halloween Fun!
Sarah, Molly, Cayden and Mya had a sleepover last night and we watched How To Train Your Dragon ~ a cute movie! Sarah wanted to construct the main character dragon, named Toothless out of black construction paper! So she went to work taping... and taping... and taping! This is what she ended up with...
Isn't he great? Scared the wits out of Cayden!
So here is the fun part of this post!! We wanted to show you the costumes all the gems wore for Trick Or Treat.

We will start with the gem farthest away, but so close to our hearts, Miss Layla Lynn. Layla is wearing a beautiful, brilliant red and black, little Ladybug outfit! Here she is being held by her Mommy Kelley and isn't she looking so spooky?? We are waiting on a photo from the camera to replace this one from the cell phone!

Next is Miss Sarah Rose. Sarah is wearing the latest fashion in Cowgirl apparel! She is rocking the boots, hat and just look at her little hip swing! YE~HAW!

Not to be outdone, this year Miss Molly Carolyn choose to be a wicked, wicked WITCH! She is looking so very scary and wicked in this pink and black dress with matching hat! She was putting spells on everyone all night, but what else is new?
Together, they sang...

Trick or Treat
Smell my feet
give me something
good to eat...
I think we all know how that one ends... something about underwear! Oh the joys of going to kindergarten and the things you learn!! Sisters! Gotta love them!
I enjoyed lunch with the two nuts... We shared a giggle or two!
On with the fashion show...
Next is Miss Mya Brynn! This little wonder also choose to be a Ladybug! Her Mom shared "that really, it was the only costume that came that small!!" We are sure glad it did, because she sure fit it beautifully! How fun it would have been to have both LADYBUGS together? One day!
Mya says HI LAYLA!
Our boy, Mr. Townsend Cayden brings us to the end of our show today! Cayden, of course, was a T~REX! I am sure you are not surprised by this costume choice, are you Papa?
How awesome did he look? So realistic and ferocious ~ even I was frightened!
He will think about getting you...
and then he will!! Roar! LOOK OUT!
Splendid in camo greens, Cayden sure did look sweet holding his sister Mya!

Outside on the porch, the trio of Tricksters posed for Meme!

Ready to Trick or Treat! Don't we look so great Papa?

Mya poses for pictures, but stays home, nice and warm with Meme!

Beckie starts off on this ghoulish afternoon... In Wakeman, they Trick or Treat 3 to 5 p.m.!

and here he comes now!

Cayden was ready to go, go, go! It is so sweet to see him walking by himself like a pro!

Cousins! We are missing 2 Ladybugs from this picture... Layla Lynn & Mya Brynn!

Oh Yeah... one more costume! Bo! He was an Alien! Spooky ... but what fun to greet the kids at the door!!

On my way home, the sky looked so ominous ~ very spooky! Looks like snow clouds to me! YIKES!

I was listening to my favorite XM station, Showtunes, and they were playing all Halloween Songs from movies. I was scared to death. Thinking a hand would come over my shoulder at any minute. It was so scary... the music, the sky... so I took my phone out and did this crazy bit...
Just trying to make my way home! Oprah would have my head! ( really, I set it up before stepping on the gas)! Makes you wonder ... Did I make it home??

I am thankful to have a wonderful home to come home too!