Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Things ~ Part Two

Mya Byrnn
Now that she can walk...
She is much happier,
more adventurous,
more independent,
and way more content!
A real GEM!

Mya and Cayden
learned this tradition early too...

For the love of GG~
We are always dancing on sewers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Precious Things... Part One

I had a fun little visit with Cayden and Mya 
this past week~ 
I met Bri half way and 
then brought Cayden and Mya home
with me on Thursday till yesterday!

Here is part one~

Bob stopped over and took Cayden for a spin
in his little MG~
He loved it!
 Beep Beep!

Cayden and Mya love playing in
the playhouses,
just like Sarah and Molly do!

Just swinging his little "sisser"

Cayden loved to climb to the bunk area!

On Friday we went to the Wakeman Library for
story time with Molly and Aunt BB!
Miss Stacey played "BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ"
and the kids got to wave wands with streamers!

Mya was great at it!

So very fun!
Cayden loved it too!
And Molly really had it down!

After the library we headed to the 
Roller Skating Arena
for Molly's Preschool Graduation Party!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Don and Beckie hosted a Birthday Bash
in their backyard yesterday for
Beckie's Birthday!

We sang Happy Birthday and 
Cayden helped to blow out
the candles!

He loved the cake!
Sarah and Mya had fun riding the four 
wheeler together!
Willow helped Cayden in the game of
kick ball...
She showed him the bases and
coached him when to KICK!

He had so much fun running with the big kids!
"Come on Cayden, get back up and run!"
She protected him from others and 
kept him "SAFE!"
All the way HOME!
He was worn out from running so much!

Molly dressed just like Mya!
Mya loved the four wheeler!
She loved playing with Sarah!
We called Cayden
"Larry, the cable guy"
all day long!
Mya was a little shopper!

Papa loves to swing the girls in the air...

Sarah says, "Whoa~ dizzy."

Happy Birthday Beckie!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PBO Backyard Makeover!

The view from the deck last summer.
The area on the right hold some big old 
pine trees and some small bushes.
We cleared it all out and our good friend, Gary 
came over to landscape for us!
His vision included sandstone layered
to form border walls.
We also wanted a pond with waterfall.
Dave and Gary dug for the pond
once the side walls were done!
We filled the pond with water and left
it all until this past weekend!
Dave built the waterfall feature~
it was fun trying to make it fall
and land with just the right look
and sound!

Finally, we decide this is it!
We head to Petitiie's with Gary and 
shop for perennials~ Gary had given me
books last fall to look at and pick some
that I liked.  We talked about color schemes too!
I choose yellow and purples mostly!
Dave rented the Home Depot truck and
went back the next day to pick up all the plants.

We picked out a Japanese Maple Tree
for the center!
Gary came over on Friday and the boys got busy~

Gary lays it all out for us!
Sarah and Molly were here for the weekend too!
They are excited that soon we will have fish
in the pond too!
It is a real art~ and Gary sure has an eye for 
Time to get digging!

Getting close to being done...
Gary just keeps coming up with more ideas!
False fronts and
stone walls within the wall now!
Gary is really enjoying this process!
He kept saying things like...
"Here Di, we will make a circle of love with these smaller plants right 
here around this taller guy!"
I loved his passion for the gift of gardening his Mom
instilled in him as a young boy!

Pretty Sarah~

Gary finds another little spot in the yard that could
use some attention and he puts Dave on the job.

Dave catches the design bug and comes up with
idea to circle this river rock!

Planting is done!

Sarah helps Papa throw down
some grass seed~

"Guys... you ready for a beer?"
Job well done!
How nice it is to have good friends!
Two hard working men!
Sarah says...
"Looks good!"


Today we mulched~

River rock also creates a path from the back of the 
garden right to my cedar herb garden
my Danny made me!

Isn't that the sweetest?

Found the perfect spot for my 
little Fairy on her turtle!
I just love it!!

Thank you Gary~ we could not have done it without you!
Thank you Dave~ for always working so hard to make this house
a home!
Love you both...