Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Camp Meme...

Layla Lynn standing at the couch at Dramma's house in Colorado~  what a big girl she is getting to be!
I miss this doll baby and the ones she calls momma and papa!

I met Bridget in Ashland again on Sunday to collect some gems from her car!  Cayden is always so excited to see me~ it just really melts my heart!  He is excited to be having 5 sleepovers!   Dave is still in Florida so Cayden has been sleeping in my bed~yesterday he wakes up, rolls over to look at me, and says...

"My sleepovers are going great so far Mem!'

I just love this kid!  Bridget says she doesn't want him to grow up because she loves all the cute things he says all the time!   His "sisser" Mya is just so sweet too!  She now has 4 teeth on top~ they came in all at once.  She is growing quite the vocabulary too, she repeats anything you say~ even "Meme"!  Love her!

On Monday, we went to the library.  Cayden made friends with the librarian right away.  He is the kind of child that talks to everyone.  He will engage you in conversation, asking you questions and telling you what he thinks about everything you say!  So funny this little guy!  People always look at me and say, "He's a talker, isn't he?"  Ha!

 So happy to find the train table!

 Mya too!
 She is practicing standing more, although she is no where near pulling herself up on things or walking!  That's ok... she gets around pretty good "scooting" on her bum!

She is a big eater... and a messy one!  How about those lashes?

Cayden on the other hand, eats like a bird!

We woke this morning to this pretty sky and trees!

Sarah and Molly joined the sleepover fun tonight since Beckie has not been feeling well.  I was excited for Sarah to see the giraffe I found while in Florida!  My giraffe girl loved it!

Isn't she darling?

Cayden was thrilled to have Mo here to play with~ they were so good with sharing,
 and caring towards each other!
 We all had a fun, fun night!

We watched this movie...
and I enjoyed watching their giggles at the end, just like I did when my own children watched this movie!  
 I am looking forward to the rest of this crazy week!  Two days and counting... Dave is coming home!