Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To the men in my life...

Tegan~ His little Laylabug calls him "Papa" instead of Daddy. This leaves Dave to be "Pop-ay" to Layla!! Tegan is a hands on father. This baby loves him more than words can say! She giggles the minute she sees him! Happy Anniversary to Tegan and Kelley! We wish you many, many, many more!
Happy Father's Day Tegan!

Townsend Cyle~ He is Townsend Cayden and Mya's "Daddy". Cayden adores him and is learning so much from his Daddy. Mya loves hearing her Daddy voice when he comes into the room and her face just lights up!
Happy Father's Day Cyle!

Donny~ Sarah and Molly call him "Daddy". Donny is a hand on Dad and the girls love to spend time with him! Molly is most like her Daddy, having learned his sense of humor and is running with it herself! Funny girl! Donny has a fun little tomboy in Sarah Rose, who loves all things outdoors and is becoming quite the little t-ball player while being coached by her Daddy!
Happy Father's Day Donny!

Dave~ Dad to Beckie, Bridget and Danny. Father to Tegan!! Dave has been a great Dad!
Always there to give advice, lend a hand, and share a laugh! His four children love and respect him so very much!
Happy Father's Day Dave! I love you!

Bridget commented this...

And to Dan! He's a great father to Kayla, his pup...and will one day make a really great daddy to someone special :-)

She is so right! Having a dog is great practice to parenthood!! I love you too Danny!