Thursday, August 13, 2009

Winding down on a Thursday!

The girls are here, sleeping over, its quiet now, but the day was full of fun.  They went to school with Mommy in the morning to help set up her classroom then came here to babysit Cayden while I had my hair done. Beckie had a happy hour meeting... ha... so they stayed here with me for dinner and a sleepover!  We tried to go to the sprinkler park, but sadly, it was not open since the big movie screen was set up for Thursday night movie at Crocker Park. We came back home and had our own fun at the pool. Papa came home and joined the girls in the pool, much to their delight!  Sarah is working hard at swimming ~ but I must say, she swims vertical instead of horizontal!  We can't get her to kick her legs up, she just treads water and moves her hands to get where she wants to go!  I keep asking her ... How's that working for you? and she just laughs and says its "pretty good Mem"!! 

Little Molly's newest thing is something she says everytime she sees an american flag!  It goes something like this...

"See the american flag?
it has 50 yars 
cause theres 50 yates
13 yipes
for 13 cowlinees"

She is a real talker... too bad we can't understand half of what she says!!  I get the flag thing though... her mommy taught her the song.  5o Stars for 50 States!!

Oh and by the way... Frankie and Tom ~ Nobody told me anything about a trip to cancun? No siree, NOBODY!  Here's a shot of them I just found on my facebook page!!

My sister is incredibly fit... a pilates instructor, isn't she gorgeous?  Oh, did I mention ... she's the older one????