Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This weeks challenge: FRIENDS!  So very easy and fun!  I had lots of fun this week thinking about my options for pictures.  I threw in some older favorites too!  Beth at I should be folding laundry keeps coming up with great ideas for captures!  

First are my older shots...

This was taken in February in Bonita Springs, Fla.  We called it our Desperate Housewives of Bay Cedar girls getaway!  We go together every year.  Roxi and I have houses on the same street so we each invite 4 friends and we just have a great week... just us girls!  By the way this shot was featured here!  Gotta love that Gypsy Feet website!

This is a picture of my son Tegan, the morning he left for his new job in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Saying goodbye to his girl Bella Bo in January 08.  Tegan has a new puppy named after his Bella, who is in doggy heaven, and his name is BO!  BO is a lot like his namesake Bella Bo in so many ways... one being how he really liked loving on Dave!!

                            Bo and Dave... new friends!

  My sister, Frankie, and her son Jack on the day he was sworn into the Marines!  Best Friends... who were proud of each other on that day!  Frankie was proud of Jack for his determination and his love of his country.... and Jack, well, he was just proud that Frankie held it together... almost!!

    Danny and Molly... friends for 2 years now!!  They are both 2 years old!
           Melissa and Debbie, mother and daughter, ... BEST FRIENDS!
    Sarah Rose Walton and her two best friends for the day!  Whitey and Blackey!
Molly Carolyn Walton and her best friend ... Luv-Luv, the elephant blankie she just loves to hold while sucking her thumb.  Oh yeah, she loves that baby too!
   Sisters... BEST FRIENDS... most of the time!
Meme and Molly (and Luv-Luv... do you see him there on the bottom?) So many little time!  To see more visit here!

Tuesday Treats!

Early Tuesday morning treat... just thinking about yesterday's fun at the Ice Cream Social!

Not one princess... TWO!

                     All in all... IT WAS PRETTY SWEET!